MBQIP Resources

This resource list includes the most important resources that are available related to the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP).

MBQIP Fundamentals Guide for State Flex Programs

This guide provides information about the current status and history of the MBQIP. It is intended to help state Flex Program personnel, and relevant subcontractors understand the basics of MBQIP, including key resources available to support them in their work.

MBQIP Data Reporting Reminders

Provides reminders of data submissions deadlines for MBQIP measures, including information about corresponding collection time periods and submission processes.

MBQIP Monthly

MBQIP Monthly is a monthly e-newsletter that provides CAHs with information and support for quality reporting and improvement and highlights current information about MBQIP.

MBQIP Quality Reporting Guide

This guide is intended to help Flex Coordinators, CAH staff and others involved with MBQIP understand the measure reporting process. For each reporting channel, information is included on how to register, which measures are reported where and how to submit data.

Quality Improvement Implementation Guide and Toolkit for CAHs

This guide and toolkit offers strategies and resources to help CAH staff organize and support efforts to implement best practices for quality improvement. It includes a number of templates and tools that can be adapted to meet individual team needs.

MBQIP Measures Fact Sheets

Provides an overview of MBQIP Measures in a one-measure-per-page format. Includes information about the data collection and reporting processes, as well as details such as the measure set, description, and significance of each measure.

Quality Improvement Basics: A Collection of Helpful Resources for Rural Health Care Organizations

This collection of resources for rural health care organizations points health care quality professionals to the most helpful introductory resources and provides awareness of the more prominent health care quality organizations, programs and terms.

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